Care stays for recovery and rehabilitation
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My-Assist is a partner for people in need of care in long-term care institutions, rehabilitation centers, assisted living and home care.
Together with our qualified personnel, we build and operate the new generation of care environments.

Our ambition is to meet their needs to the best of our ability, from when support is first needed to the point where continuation of that care is needed.
Our services are always provided in a family atmosphere where people can enjoy their lives in a protected and modern cocoon, filled with companions and with the continuous support of our experienced teams.


Ter Lokeren
Zelebaan 97
9160 Lokeren
Tel: 09 210 27 00
Mail Ter Lokeren


Grote Baan 190
9920 Lovendegem
Tel: 09 210 61 00
Mail Lovenbos


Zep 7
1861 Meise
Tel: 02 899 64 00
Mail Moutershof


La Reposée
Rue du Chemin de Fer 1
7033 Mons
Tel: 065 31 73 91
Mail ons


Residentie Battenbroek
Battenbroek 14
2800 Walem
Tel: 015/287979
Mail ons


Rue d’Ellezelles 57
7321 Blaton
Tel: 069 561 761
Mail ons


Résidence Damien
Rue Père Damien 16
7090 Braine-Le-Comte
Tel: 067 55 42 19
Mail ons


Résidence Neuve Cour
Rue Neuve Cour 76
1480 Tubize
Tel: 02 390 05 65
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Résidence des Ardennes

Domaine de la Rose Blanc
Rue d'Andenne 13
6940 Durbuy
Tel: 086 21 92 00
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Tramontane My-Assist
Rue Cité de l’Enfance 45
6001 Marcinelle
Téléphone :

Résidence des Ardennes

Residence des Ardennes
Rue du bois de Loo 379
6717 Attert
Tel: 063 21 23 00
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Individualized care in modern residences with a strong local management

My-Assist currently delivers healthcare operations across Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America (

My-Assist has a proven track record in high care facilities around the globe to design, manage and optimize care facilities in a greenfield or existing situation.

This service offers day time care, companionship, social activities and whenever needed, medical attention for elderly that live independently in their own homes.

In many cases, day care centres provide an ideal alternative to long-term care facilities, making this a future-proof concept.

The focus is on social interaction to fight loneliness, combined with medical assistance.

AcalisCare experience allows acute care facilities to optimize their services in a cost-efficient and qualitative manner making the right collaboration with primary and tertiary healthcare services to support this optimally.

Our services increase the comfort and appropriate care provision for those who need extra support in their own homes:
Nursing : Including preparation of medication, injections, washing, diabetic monitoring.
Medical : Close monitoring and advice.
Living Support : Meal delivery, washing, household and cleaning services.
Occupational therapy

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Contact our services for more information: Mail or call 02 899 64 00

About My Assist

My Assist manages several care stays for recovery and rehabilitation where quality comes first.

Contact details

Holding My-Assist BV
Zep 7
1861 Meise
Tel: 02.899.64.65
Btw: BE 0738.596.206

Customized care!
Zorgverblijf Moutershof Meise

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